What is Cellulitis?

Last night when you fed your horse you didn’t notice any issues as you performed your quick “once over” before rushing back out the barn door. But this morning they have a severely swollen leg, [...]

Pre-Purchase Exams

You have been combing through Facebook feeds for months looking for the perfect horse.  Then, when all seems lost, you find the one that checks all of the boxes… he’s the right color, age, and [...]

Pricing Changes

As we hope you know, Mobile Veterinary Services is committed to the highest standard of equine veterinary care. To continue to provide our valued clients this level of service, community, and [...]

Hoof Abscesses

One of the scariest things to find is your horse suddenly non-weight-bearing lame. Everything was fine when you fed breakfast, but when you get back from work, you have a horse who is hobbling [...]

Core Vaccines

***This blog was originally written in January of 2020, and as of today, March 24th, 2020, times have changed significantly.  With Covid-19 causing the issues that it is, we feel it necessary to [...]