30 07, 2018

Equioxx Use and Probiotics

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What is the latest research on the relationship between gut health and common equine prescription drugs such as Equioxx and Bute? Find out in our blog post.
26 06, 2018

What is “Heaves”?

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Does your horse cough a lot, even while at rest? They may be suffering from Recurrent Airway Obstruction, or "Heaves". Read our June blog post for more information on what causes this disease, and how to treat and manage it.
25 04, 2018

Do You Know How to Choose Equine Nutritional Supplements?

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How can you wade through the flood of nutritional supplements to find one that will actually help your horse? We've got some guidance for you.
27 03, 2018

Adequan vs Legend vs Oral Joint supps

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What are joint injections? Are they better than joint supplements? When should have you have your horse on either? Find out the skinny on Adequan, Legend, and oral joint supplements.
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    The Importance of Dental Exams – Straight From the Horses’ Mouth

26 03, 2018

The Importance of Dental Exams – Straight From the Horses’ Mouth

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Young or old, every horse should receive a regular dental examination. Examination can occur without actually “working on the teeth,” i.e. floating. Changes or abnormalities that occur as a youngster can be amplified over the years if they are not tended to, causing significant issues as an adult or geriatric.
23 01, 2018

Blanketing Your Horse: Deciphering the Puzzle

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Is your horse as cold as you are in that frigid winter weather? Probably not, but in certain circumstances, blanketing is necessary. Find out when your horse needs a blanket, and what sort of blanket to use.
22 12, 2017

Biosecurity – Are You Doing It?

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Biosecurity is anything that we do to protect a population (in this case, horses) against harmful biological substances. In the horse world, these are preventative measures we take to limit and minimize the spread of disease. What is your biosecurity plan?
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    Ophthalmic Emergencies: When is a goopy eye more than just a mild irritation?

14 11, 2017

Ophthalmic Emergencies: When is a goopy eye more than just a mild irritation?

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When is an injury an emergency? When it comes to the eye, better safe than sorry.
26 10, 2017

Lacerations- When do you need to call the veterinarian?

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By Dr. Shane Baird

As horse injuries go, cuts, scrapes, and bruises of all shapes and sizes are common – the challenge is learning when veterinary intervention is required.

Is There Joint Involvement?

One of the most critical factors for laceration severity is the location of the laceration.  A solid “rule” to keep in mind is that […]

13 09, 2017

Equine Metabolic Syndrome and all it Entails

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By Dr. Allison Hartman


Laminitis has been a bane of horseman and farriers since the horse was first domesticated.  As our medical knowledge and diagnostic abilities have evolved, so has our understanding of the contributing factors of this disease process, including Equine Metabolic Syndrome.  Equine Metabolic Syndrome is a term that’s been thrown around the […]