Advanced Performance Dentistry

Routine dental care is critical to your horse’s well being, as well as the relationship and communication between horse and rider. Regular dental work and exams detect abnormalities in the mouth before they become larger problems, and our advanced dental techniques and equipment reduce procedural time and minimize trauma to the horse, making it an easier experience for everyone. By reducing pain and discomfort associated with dental issues, we can help you and your horse to reach your goals whatever they may be.

Preventative Medicine

It is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it’s true that a good preventative medicine program is vital to the overall, long-term health of our equine friends. The basics of a successful preventative care program include twice-yearly vaccinations, routine deworming in conjunction with fecal egg counts, and regular dentistry.


Lameness evaluation is one of our specialties here at MVS. Whether you have a high-level performance horse or a pleasure companion, we perform a comprehensive lameness exam, including the latest in diagnostic imaging techniques, for rapid, correct diagnosis and treatment and the best possible prognosis.

Pre-Purchase Exam

One of the most important exams that you can have a veterinarian perform is the pre-purchase examination. Once you have picked out that potential new addition to your herd, call us to arrange a pre-purchase exam. The pre-purchase exam includes a full physical, a neurologic exam, and a soundness exam to make sure that you enter in any potential purchase armed with the most information possible.


We offer the latest in diagnostic imaging techniques including a digital, direct capture radiography system. This system lets us take radiographs (X-rays) in the field, and show you the resulting images immediately, allowing us to immediately begin to outline and implement a treatment plan. We also offer diagnostic ultrasound for use in tendon and ligament imaging as well as reproductive ultrasound scans.

Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic manipulation has been used for decades in horses as a diagnostic tool and treatment option to optimize health, improve quality of life, and increase performance. Chiropractic adjustments function to reduce pain by restoring a normal range of motion to the spine as well as unencumbering the nervous system to restore its optimal function. Abnormal posture, poll stiffness, resistance to saddling, behavior changes, lameness, difficulty with specific leads, and strong one-sided tendencies can all be indications that your horse could benefit from a chiropractic adjustment.


Acupuncture is effective because many acupuncture points coincide with nerve bundles, myofascial planes, neurovascular bundles, and lymphatic vessels, all of which, when stimulated, can have both local and systemic effects on the body. There are a multitude of peer-reviewed, medical publications demonstrating the benefits of acupuncture – from paralysis in Dachshunds to back pain in horses to carpal tunnel syndrome in humans, the improvements noted after acupuncture therapies are widespread and well received. Even if your horse doesn’t suffer from significant pain or lameness issues, there can certainly be a place for acupuncture in his overall wellness plan.

24 Hour Emergency Service

We know that horses don’t always pick the most convenient times to become ill or injured. That’s why we offer 24 hour emergency services. When you need emergency services, call the main office (303- 279- 4893), and follow the prompts on the voice service to leave a message for the on-call doctor. Be sure to use the urgent option for a prompt return call. Payment due IN FULL at time of service for ALL emergency calls.


  • Mobile Vet Services is my partner in keeping my old horses happy, my foals healthy, and my polo ponies playing soundly. Dr. Baird has been my vet for over 10 years through countless routine and emergency calls. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I appreciate his sense of when something is a problem and his reassurance when it is not. He has an amazing ability to explain potential treatment options and will refer when needed. In the past year, I’ve also gotten to know and depend on Dr. Hartman. What an asset she is to MVS! I recommend MVS to my boarders and friends for all their vet needs. I will continue using MVS for as long as they will have me and my herd of horses!

    Penny Smith
  • Whether using MVS as an owner or a professional trainer, I trust MVS can provide the services I need. I am currently a professional horse trainer in the Golden area specializing in Western Dressage performance horses. Through this journey of training, I have developed a trusting and educational relationship with both Dr. Hartman and Dr. Baird. They have been by my side through everything horses can possibly throw at me. They have taken the time to educate me and ensure I have a full understanding of the diagnosis and treatment plans for my personal horses and my client's horses.

    Andrea Osmond horse trainer and owner
  • I have worked with both Dr. Hartman and Dr. Baird from MVS and couldn’t recommend anyone better suited to take care of horses, from emergencies to routine maintenance. I operate a boarding facility of 30 horses and they are the veterinarians I recommend to everyone that comes into my barn. I respect that they are always very detailed and informative as well as providing the utmost quality of care for the animal. If you’re looking for a caring, friendly, knowledgeable equine veterinary service, you have found the best with Mobile Veterinary Services.

    Kim Johnson Conifer Stables
  • As a barn manager and owner, I have been using Mobile Veterinary Services for both my personal and lesson horses for the past two years. I am continuously impressed by the high level of care and significant consideration they provide to each individual horse. Drs. Hartman and Baird are excellent at providing multiple treatment options to best meet the needs of horse and client, as well as utilizing their broad network of veterinary specialists. From routine lameness exams to midnight colic calls, their passion, professionalism and expansive knowledge base makes them my go to veterinarian for both personal and boarder horses alike.

    Kate Lennon Testimonial Manager and Owner at A Rising Star
  • I’ve been a loyal customer of MVS for the past seven years and I am very satisfied with the superior service, highest level of expertise, and compassionate care they’ve afforded my horse. As a competitive Level 3 Western Dressage rider, my horse and I train six days a week and compete throughout the summer and fall. Given this investment of time and money, I will only settle for the best when it comes to healthcare of my horse. Certainly, I use MVS for the usual vaccinations, dentals, health certificates, and Coggins tests. In addition, while I have been blessed with a healthy horse, there was a time when he coliced. MVS arrived quickly to address the situation. In addition to the day-to-day health care requirements, MVS has assisted me in my desire to take a proactive approach at keeping my horse sound and performing at his peak level. This has included biomechanical evaluations including radiographs, saddle fitting, foot/shoeing assessments, and chiropractic adjustments. MVS has also provided my farrier with radiographic information to optimize the trimming of my horse’s hooves. As a testament to this level of care, my horse finished the show season by earning two first-place finishes at the 2018 WDAA World Show. I’ve also recently used MVS for a recent pre-purchase exam of a horse I am importing from Europe. They were very thorough in their assessment, corresponded with the overseas veterinarian, and consulted their colleagues to get additional input regarding identified anomalies. The resulting report gave me insightful information, with which to make my purchase decision. Finally, the folks at MVS are professional and show respect by arriving on time for appointments (or call if they are running late). Further, they provide in-depth explanations, which, as someone who craves knowledge, I greatly appreciate. And, most importantly, they truly have your horse’s best interest at heart. Sincerely, Mark Gilbert and ‘Butters’

    Mark Gilbert and ‘Butters’
  • "Dr Baer and MVS are some of the best vets I have had the pleasure to work with! Their knowledge and compassion is unmatched in the business. No matter who you get in an emergency they always take the time to make you feel taken care of and like you're the only client they have. They also help to explain things to you about your horse and treatment options. When you use MVS you can sleep well at night knowing your equine friend is in good hands! I can't say enough good things about MVS!!"

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