Meet the MVS Staff: Spotlight on Dr. Shane Baird

Dr. Shane Baird is a 2002 graduate of the CSU College of Veterinary Medicine. He started working for Dr. John Young at Mobile Veterinary Clinic after graduation and purchased the practice in 2007. MVS was his first and only veterinary job, and the clients and patients are firmly tied to Dr. Baird’s heart and soul.

Dr. Baird’s greatest friendships and loves have been rooted from this practice. MVS is truly a family affair. Dr. Baird’s wife, Jeanine, is his technician. His mother-in-law, Kristy, is the office manager, and his mom, Gail, does client follow-up. Cayden, Dr. Baird and Jeanine’s son, has grown up in the backseat of the vet truck.

Lameness and dentistry have developed into Dr. Baird’s favorite aspects of equine veterinary practice. The challenge of a good lameness workup – while frustrating at times – gives him immense satisfaction when he can improve the quality of a horse’s career. Dentistry provides a path to improve the horse/rider relationship, as it is an issue that can be easily overlooked. Dr. Baird is a mentor to his clients as well as his staff. Educating and communicating to improve the health of the horse has evolved into a way of life.

Dr. Baird’s passion in life is horses. A busy work and personal schedule can leave little time to ride, but he finds solace in spending time with and working on client horses. When there is time to ride, he and his Quarter Horse gelding, Rome, prefer the wide-open spaces of Colorado and the west. 

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