Lameness Evaluation is one of our specialties here at MVS. Whether you have a high-level performance horse or a pleasure companion, we take pride in performing a comprehensive lameness exam for diagnosis and proper treatment of the problem.


We offer the latest in diagnostic imaging techniques including a digital, direct capture radiography system. This system lets us take radiographs (X-rays) in the field, and show you the resulting images immediately, allowing us to immediately begin to outline and implement a treatment plan. We also offer diagnostic ultrasound for use in tendon and ligament imaging as well as reproductive ultrasound scans.

Preventative Medicine

It is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A good preventative medicine program is vital to the overall health of our equine friends. The basics of such a program include vaccination, regular, routine deworming, and dentistry. Mobile Veterinary Services generally recommends twice a year vaccinations for horses on the Front Range. There are many deworming options for our equine friends. The first and most common method is rotational (generally quarterly) paste deworming. The second option is a daily dewormer usually using Strongid C2X, which can potentially qualify that horse for enrollment in Pfizer’s Preventicare program. Further information on the Preventicare program is available at The third aspect of a complete preventative medicine program includes an annual dental exam and floating as needed, depending on your horse’s individual needs. Call us with questions or help tailoring a preventative medicine program for your horses.

Advanced Performance Dentistry

Whatever age or performance level your horse is, routine dental care is critical to his well-being. With today’s advanced dental techniques and equipment, MVS reduces procedural time and minimizes or eliminates trauma to the horse, thus making it an easier experience for all. We use sedation to insure your horses’ safety and comfort and a full mouth speculum to fully examine the entire mouth. Regular dental work and exams will also give us the opportunity to detect any abnormalities in the mouth as we strive to improve the relationship between horse and rider by reducing pain associated with dental issues.


From stallion services to artificial insemination, MVS is able to accommodate any of your equine reproductive needs. We have experience in natural service, artificial insemination, stallion collection as well as embryo harvest/transfer. Call us to discuss your horses’ individual needs.

Pre-Purchase Exam

One of the most important exams that you can have a veterinarian perform is the pre-purchase examination. Once you have picked out that potential new addition to your herd, call us to arrange a pre-purchase exam. The pre-purchase exam includes a full physical, a neurologic exam, and a soundness exam to make sure that you enter in any potential purchase armed with the most information possible.

24 Hour Emergency Service for Active Clients in Good Standing

We know that horses don¬ít always pick the most convenient times to become ill or injured. That’s why we offer 24 hour emergency services for all our active clients in good standing. When you need emergency services, call the main office (303- 279- 4893), and follow the prompts on the voice service to leave a message for the on-call doctor. Be sure to use the urgent option for a prompt return call.

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