Horse Care for Life is a FREE interactive healthcare tool that places all the information about your horse’s health in one place. Tailored to your horses’ age and activity level, and designed by equine nutritionists and veterinarians, Horse Care for Life gives you a variety of tools to track and manage your horse’s health, including:

  • Online health records – you can keep track of your horse’s immunizations, nutrition, breeding, worming, and more, all in one convenient location
  • Notifications and reminders – create reminders fully customized to your horse’s needs and life stage
  • Horse health resources –  including video, articles, and webinars all tailored to specific life stages
  • Horse Care for Life is fully mobile capable, so you can access your records anywhere, anytime. Won’t that be convenient during that emergency vet visit? Plus it’s completely free – you’re just required to sign up through your veterinarian (that’s us!). All we need is your full name and email address so we can send you an invitation. Call us at 303-279-4893, or email us at to start your account today.


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