Do You Know How to Choose Equine Nutritional Supplements?

How can you wade through the flood of nutritional supplements to find one that will actually help your horse? We've got some guidance for you.

Equine Metabolic Syndrome and all it Entails

By Dr. Allison Hartman


Laminitis has been a bane of horseman and farriers since the horse was first domesticated.  As our medical knowledge and diagnostic abilities have evolved, so has our understanding of the contributing factors of this disease process, including Equine Metabolic Syndrome.  Equine Metabolic Syndrome is a term that’s been thrown around the […]

Equine Preventative Medicine

It's hard to believe it amid the wintery weather we're having, but spring is almost here. And with spring comes a spring appointment with your vet. Read our blog posting for a run-down on all the preventative medicine you should be addressing to keep your horse in top shape.

Does My Horse Really Need Grain?

Most of us feed grain or pelleted feed to our horses, but are we doing it because they need it, or out of habit?
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Feeding the Geriatric Horse

Our horses are living longer than ever. While keeping them healthy and happy may not be that complicated, it does take some additional care to ensure they're receiving the right nutrition for their life stage.

The Hay Wars: The Truth About Grass Hay vs. Alfalfa Hay

Seems like every horse person has an opinion on whether to feed grass hay or alfalfa hay. What's the truth, and what's myth? Read this this months' blog posting and find out!

Equine Nutrition: Body Condition Scoring and Weight Tapes

Read the latest installment in our Equine Nutrition series to learn how to evaluate and track your horses' body condition to keep them in top shape and maximize your feed dollar.
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    Ask A Vet: Feed is Expensive! How much should I really be feeding my horse?

Ask A Vet: Feed is Expensive! How much should I really be feeding my horse?

How much should you feed your horse to optimize your feed dollar? Read this months' Ask A Vet for the answers...
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