Preventative care

Equine Metabolic Syndrome and all it Entails

By Dr. Allison Hartman


Laminitis has been a bane of horseman and farriers since the horse was first domesticated.  As our medical knowledge and diagnostic abilities have evolved, so has our understanding of the contributing factors of this disease process, including Equine Metabolic Syndrome.  Equine Metabolic Syndrome is a term that’s been thrown around the […]

Does Your Horse Suffer From EGUS?

Gastric Ulcers can cause various problems with our horses' health. What causes them, and how can you tell if your horse has them? Find out more in our December blog post.
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    Equine Chiropractic Series Part 1: What is Equine Chiropractic?

Equine Chiropractic Series Part 1: What is Equine Chiropractic?

With MVS now offering chiropractic services, you may be wondering what's involved and how it can help your horse. Read on for an introduction to the basics of equine chiropractic care.

Colic Series Part 3: Prevention

This is Part 3, and the conclusion of our Colic Series. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here for a basic overview of equine GI anatomy, the difference between medical and surgical colic, and some colic causes.

 For what to expect financially from a colic episode, how to plan, and some […]

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    VS Update from State Veterinarian’s Office – 7/2/2015 Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) – Positive Diagnosis in Two Colorado Counties

VS Update from State Veterinarian’s Office – 7/2/2015 Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) – Positive Diagnosis in Two Colorado Counties

STATE VETERINARIAN’S OFFICE (VS) – Positive Diagnosis in Two Colorado Counties Tips for Livestock Owners and Veterinarians Horses on two Montrose and one Delta County premises tested positive for the disease and have been placed under quarantine. Colorado has become the fourth state in the country to have confirmed cases of vesicular stomatitis (VS) […]

Maintaining the Joints of Older Performance Horses

Catching joint changes early can be crucial to extending the career of your equine athlete. Read on for more information on maintaining the joints of your performance horse.

Does Your Young Horse Need a Dental Exam?

Many owners believe young horses don't need dental exams or floats as often as older horses, but young horses' teeth are actually changing rapidly until they are around 6 years of age, and there are several common dental conditions that can affect youngsters.

Equine Preventative Medicine

It's hard to believe it amid the wintery weather we're having, but spring is almost here. And with spring comes a spring appointment with your vet. Read our blog posting for a run-down on all the preventative medicine you should be addressing to keep your horse in top shape.

Is Your Barn Clean?

Particularly in light of the current VSV outbreak here in Colorado, we thought it a good time to remind everyone of proper disinfection and biosecurity for barns, horse farms, and hospitals. A critical component of disease prevention involves proper cleaning and disinfection practices!

How to Prepare Your Performance Horse for Optimal Output

Everyone is familiar with preventative medicine.  From vaccinations, to dental care, to eating right, preventative medicine applies to humans, as well as to our equine friends.  However, one area of preventative medicine that is often overlooked for all species is athletic performance.

What we ask of our own bodies, as well as what we ask […]