Adequan vs Legend vs Oral Joint supps

What are joint injections? Are they better than joint supplements? When should have you have your horse on either? Find out the skinny on Adequan, Legend, and oral joint supplements.

Lacerations- When do you need to call the veterinarian?


By Dr. Shane Baird

As horse injuries go, cuts, scrapes, and bruises of all shapes and sizes are common – the challenge is learning when veterinary intervention is required.

Is There Joint Involvement?

One of the most critical factors for laceration severity is the location of the laceration.  A solid “rule” to keep in mind is that […]

Equine Metabolic Syndrome and all it Entails

By Dr. Allison Hartman


Laminitis has been a bane of horseman and farriers since the horse was first domesticated.  As our medical knowledge and diagnostic abilities have evolved, so has our understanding of the contributing factors of this disease process, including Equine Metabolic Syndrome.  Equine Metabolic Syndrome is a term that’s been thrown around the […]

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    The Pre- Purchase Exam- Should You have Radiographs or Ultrasounds Taken?

The Pre- Purchase Exam- Should You have Radiographs or Ultrasounds Taken?

By Dr. Shane Baird

After weeks of searching, you have finally found the right horse.  He’s everything you’ve ever wanted.    What now?

A veterinary pre-purchase exam should be the next thing on your mind!  At a minimum, an active and passive exam by an equine veterinarian should be performed prior to purchase, but what about additional […]

Ultrasound Imaging and Horse Health

With the advent of small portable units, ultrasound imaging can be easily be done stall-side for diagnosis and treatment of issues from lameness to cardiac insufficiency. Learn more about the applications of ultrasound and why it's often our imaging modality of choice.

Laminitis: Is it a Death Sentence?

Laminitis. Founder. Words no horse owner wants to hear. But is it a death sentence for your horse? Or can they come back from it? Find out more in this month's blog post.
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    Equine Chiropractic Series Part 1: What is Equine Chiropractic?

Equine Chiropractic Series Part 1: What is Equine Chiropractic?

With MVS now offering chiropractic services, you may be wondering what's involved and how it can help your horse. Read on for an introduction to the basics of equine chiropractic care.

Wound Care – When Should you Call Your Veterinarian?

With horses it's not a question of if they will injure themselves, but a question of when. Do you know the proper first aid to give your horse, whether the wound warrants veterinary care or not? (hint: it doesn't involve a hose). Read this months' blog post for more.

Maintaining the Joints of Older Performance Horses

Catching joint changes early can be crucial to extending the career of your equine athlete. Read on for more information on maintaining the joints of your performance horse.

Equine Preventative Medicine

It's hard to believe it amid the wintery weather we're having, but spring is almost here. And with spring comes a spring appointment with your vet. Read our blog posting for a run-down on all the preventative medicine you should be addressing to keep your horse in top shape.