Equine Husbandry

Blanketing Your Horse: Deciphering the Puzzle

Is your horse as cold as you are in that frigid winter weather? Probably not, but in certain circumstances, blanketing is necessary. Find out when your horse needs a blanket, and what sort of blanket to use.

Biosecurity – Are You Doing It?

Biosecurity is anything that we do to protect a population (in this case, horses) against harmful biological substances. In the horse world, these are preventative measures we take to limit and minimize the spread of disease. What is your biosecurity plan?

Does Your Horse Suffer From EGUS?

Gastric Ulcers can cause various problems with our horses' health. What causes them, and how can you tell if your horse has them? Find out more in our December blog post.

Colic Series Part 3: Prevention

This is Part 3, and the conclusion of our Colic Series. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here for a basic overview of equine GI anatomy, the difference between medical and surgical colic, and some colic causes.

 For what to expect financially from a colic episode, how to plan, and some […]

Is Your Barn Clean?

Particularly in light of the current VSV outbreak here in Colorado, we thought it a good time to remind everyone of proper disinfection and biosecurity for barns, horse farms, and hospitals. A critical component of disease prevention involves proper cleaning and disinfection practices!
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    Ask A Vet: Foaling Prep – What should you be ready for in anticipation of your next new arrival?

Ask A Vet: Foaling Prep – What should you be ready for in anticipation of your next new arrival?

It's foaling season! Do you have your foaling kit prepared? Read on to see if you've included everything you should.

Spring Time Tune Up For Horses

QUESTION: Is it time for spring shots?
Warm days, green grass, tulips beginning to show, and the familiar buzz in the background are all signs that Spring is here.The first thought is, “it’s too early”, but sure enough, the bugs are here.Insects are powerful and efficient transmitters of disease.It is the threat of their […]

Helping your horse through an Ice Age

Question: What can I do to keep my horse healthy and safe through severe cold temperatures?

Answer: With winter in full swing, and high temps expected below zero, there are a few things you can do to try to ensure that your horse comes through a cold snap without issue.

Blankets can help, allowing them to […]

Rotational Deworming… What’s the Right Choice?


Can you please discuss “appropriate” rotational deworming?

Due to the influx of deworming questions, we will tackle them in 2- 3 parts over the next few months.
Standing in the feed store, there are dozens of packages of dewormers, and the age old question of, “which one do I use now?” goes through every horse […]