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How to Prepare Your Performance Horse for Optimal Output

Everyone is familiar with preventative medicine.  From vaccinations, to dental care, to eating right, preventative medicine applies to humans, as well as to our equine friends.  However, one area of preventative medicine that is often overlooked for all species is athletic performance.

What we ask of our own bodies, as well as what we ask […]

How do I know my horse needs a float?

Spring is the time of year in Colorado that many horse owners look forward to. Large mats of shedding hair wafting about in the breeze, sticking to every square inch of fleece that might be exposed. Getting your tack cleaned up for riding season now that you have hours (plural HOURS!) of daylight after […]

Why is my horse suddenly severely lame?

Have you ever come home from and gone out to see your horse only to find that they’re hobbling around on three, with no obvious sign of trauma or any other issues? You think back to the morning, and there was no indication that anything was wrong. Your horse was happy to see you, […]