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Equine veterinary medicine is constantly changing. New research, new techniques, and new methodologies are coming out all the time – all aimed at improving your horses’ health. While it’s certainly our job to stay at the forefront of veterinary medicine, it’s also OUR PASSION.

Here at Mobile Veterinary Services, we thrive on doing our part to make the horse/human relationship the best it can be by passing our extensive knowledge and experience on to you.  It’s WHY we do what we do.

Whether you’re brand new to horse ownership or old hands, we’re your partner in horse care. Call us today at 303-279-4893 to set up an appointment, or click on our services to see how we can help you.

Latest From The Blog

  • Blanketing Your Horse: Deciphering the Puzzle

Blanketing Your Horse: Deciphering the Puzzle

  • January 23rd, 2018

Is your horse as cold as you are in that frigid winter weather? Probably not, but in certain circumstances, blanketing is necessary. Find out when your horse needs a blanket, and what sort of blanket to use.

  • Biosecurity – Are You Doing It?

Biosecurity – Are You Doing It?

  • December 22nd, 2017

Biosecurity is anything that we do to protect a population (in this case, horses) against harmful biological substances. In the horse world, these are preventative measures we take to limit and minimize the spread of disease. What is your biosecurity plan?

Fall 2017 Vaccination and Dental Clinics

Sept. 27 Golden Gate
Oct. 02 Brook Forest Area-Evergreen
Oct. 04 Golden Gate
Oct. 05 Upper Bear Area- Evergreen
Oct. 10 Crown Hill area
Oct. 11 Brighton
Oct. 12 285 Corrider
Oct. 16 Hangin Ranch – Evergreen
Oct. 18 Coal Creek
Oct. 19 I-70 Corrider
Oct. 25 Broomfield
Oct. 26 Buffalo Park-Evergreen
Oct. 30 Pine-Bailey area